Solubility Enhancement – FragMelt™

Less than 10% of new drug candidates demonstrate both high solubility and permeability


STEERLife has developed a unique Hot Melt Fragmentation (FragMelt™) platform to disperse APIs in a matrix at the molecular level, thus forming solid solutions


FragMelt™ can be used even for shear or heat-sensitive materials and clearly demonstrates significant improvement in process efficiency as measured in terms of both improved throughput rate and quality attributes due to better control on fundamental processing factors such as residence time, shear peak and uniformity of work


This enables drug delivery systems for poorly soluble drugs or specialized drug forms such as films for transdermal patches


The main competing technology, Hot Melt Extrusion, produces melt extrudate that is difficult to process

FragMelt™ is available for a number of applications, including amorphous solid dispersion, controlled release systems, polymorph generation, novel co-crystallization (solvent-free continuous co-crystallization), porous polymeric systems